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It's my blog. The name is a reference to a quirk in the Slashdot moderation system that allows a post to have a negative (in this case, offtopic) moderation, but be scored 5, the maximum positive score. Basically, there's no point to it, but it may be good. There'll be all sorts of computer crap in here...


Pong: San Andreas, and this really neat Opera affiliate thingy

First things first... Pong: San Andreas is in Release Candidate stage. That's right, it's almost done. By all reports, the gameplay is good - the graphics need a little work, and then it'll be ready.

I need a host, though. My current host for this project, drfish of the Tech Report forums, cannot support this project through a Slashdotting.

And, yes, there's a Hot Coffee mode in there.

Now, on to the Opera Affiliate Program. Basically, I link to them using a special link, and they give me credit for every click on that link. Here's the thing, though. When I get 250 (unique, I believe) clicks, I get a FREE license for Opera 8. Yep, you heard that right. I've got 27 as of this writing. Note that there's an "Opera Web Browser" button down there below the obligatory "I Power Blogger" button. That button is my special link. (I've also linked in my signatures at The Tech Report,, and the Ctrl-Alt-Del forums)