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The Ladder Theory, and what's wrong with it

The night before last, I read about a little something called the "Ladder Theory". It claims to be a theory that explains how relationships work, and how not to be an "intellectual whore". The author of this theory summarizes what an intellectual whore is like this:
In short, it does not refer to a "smart slut" as it were, but rather to males who are kept around by women for their mental entertainment. These men usually want to sleep with these women who usually consider these men friends.


Anyway, the Ladder Theory is targetted towards these so-called intellectual whores.

The Ladder Theory, Summarized

Basically, the Ladder Theory is quite simple, if you just look at the core. It also makes perfect sense. Basically, it illustrates a difference in how men and women are wired. It states that men have a single ladder that extends into an "abyss". At the top of the ladder is the woman that the man in question wishes the most to have sex with. It goes down the ladder, through women that the man "would have sex with sober", women that the man "would have sex with drunk, and admit it", to women that the man "would have sex with drunk, and wouldn't admit it". Another critical part is that ALL women are on this ladder at some point - granted, some may be in the abyss, but they're all in there. This part, I can agree with - it seems quite obvious to me, and applies.

The rules change for women. According to this theory, women have two ladders suspended above the abyss. One ladder, known as the "real" or "good" ladder, has the men that the woman wishes to have sex with. The other ladder is known as the "friends" ladder, and holds men that the woman wishes to have as friends. The two ladders are mutually exclusive. Except for that last part, it all makes sense to me.

Here's where it gets a bit fuzzy, however. The author of the Ladder Theory states that there are instinctual desires that men and women have. According to the Ladder Theory's Lemma #1 (and various extensions of this lemma), the chances of a woman liking an "outlaw biker" (someone who has tattoos, etc., etc.) or a rich guy are MUCH higher than a woman liking a nice guy (in that way).

The Theory then goes into detail about how one should get out of there if she sends signals that they're only friends, and avoid that person at all costs (the forums describe one process to do this as NEXTing). It also says that it's a bad idea to try to turn the tide, and jump over to the "good" ladder.

The Problems With Ladder Theory

I, personally, see MAJOR problems with Lemma #1, because it attempts to say that everybody has those exact numbers. I've seen cases with my own two eyes that say that those graphs can be WAY off - experiences can skew those values, it seems. So, a nice guy has a chance of getting on the "good" ladder - I know, because I've been on it ;-). Strike one.

The Ladder Theory also states that one cannot be on both ladders. However, the Ladder Theory appears to be written in a context of "how do I get laid the fastest?", not "how do I find a good girlfriend?" I don't have any experience in this field, but I'm going to go towards axeing this one. Heck, many of the Ladder Theory's disciples appear to disagree with this one. Strike two.

Finally, the Ladder Theory states that it is simply not possible to be friends with a woman, especially if she is/was high on your ladder, due to sexual tension. I'm going to disagree with this one. I've got a friend who was at the top of my ladder just a couple of months ago (and still is, as a matter of fact), but I'm working through the tension, and ignoring it. It IS possible to be just friends with a woman who is at the top of one's ladder... Strike three, Ladder Theory's out.


Frankly, I think that Ladder Theory is a bunch of hogwash. It draws a bunch of false conclusions, and suggests practices that, while they will get you laid quickly, will not work in the long run.

You'd be amazed at how much pressure there is to not be an "intellectual whore" in the IW forums. However, my theories are that if a girl uses so-called "intellectual whores" knowingly, and intentionally (making her an "intellectual pimp"), then she probably isn't the right girl. There's gotta be SOMEONE out there who ISN'T an "intellectual pimp", after all. I think that this guy has simply only met the "intellectual pimps". I mean, this guy has even said that he considers 99.999% of women as "bitches"! Do ya THINK he's going to get the good girls? Ah, well, they're left over for me. ;-)

I also think that "ladder jumping" is possible, and that the best way to do it is to actually be on BOTH ladders - meaning that it isn't necessarily bad to start out on the friends ladder. Aren't the most successful relationships the ones where the parties are not just sexual partners, but best friends?

Ladder Theory actually seems to be DESIGNED to rope in the "intellectual whores", and cause itself to be true. It says that men cannot have platonic relationships with women, causing these "recovering intellectual whores" to avoid platonic relationships with women. I was very nearly roped in, until I saw these gaping holes.

This concludes my rant on Ladder Theory. Feel free to flame me - I might not have caught on to some part of Ladder Theory. However, you're probably not going to convince me. Also, please feel free to agree with me.

If you really want to see this pointless drivel, it's at the Intellectual Whores Homepage. Just remember to take it with a grain of salt - or, for that matter, a whole salt shaker.


  • At 6/17/2005 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah, from what I recall of it, it's mostly BS by people who don't want to face reality. Happily married people are basic refutations of the thing, after all.

  • At 6/17/2005 8:19 PM, Blogger bhtooefr said…

    Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking when I was saying that one can be on both ladders.

  • At 6/30/2005 8:16 AM, Blogger Sigge said…

    Seems like a book for dreamers.

    I used to share apt. with this guy and once I was inside his room to borrow some dvds I found this book: "How to relate with people."

    Reading shit like that doesn't help. On the countruary, I'd say.
    Just go for it, or get drunk and go for it:)


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