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It's my blog. The name is a reference to a quirk in the Slashdot moderation system that allows a post to have a negative (in this case, offtopic) moderation, but be scored 5, the maximum positive score. Basically, there's no point to it, but it may be good. There'll be all sorts of computer crap in here...


Fans are good!

Copied from a post I just made on DYMT a few minutes ago

I just had to dismantle my parents' Celeron 2GHz Northwood... It was freezing on all sorts of stuff, and acting quite weirdly. I ran MemTest86+ on it, and no errors. The only things I did on that power on were: burn 2 CDs (MemTest86, and Win2K (for the laptop I'm getting)), then run MemTest86+. I immediately went into the hardware status, and it said 58 C - after that short run. My 2.2GHz (desktop) P4 laptop runs at 56 C, and it's folding continuously!

Ambient is 84 F in that room (probably about 80 in my room, which has better ventilation, and is fully shaded).

I open it, and I start HACKING from all of the dust...

So, I blow the dust out, and hook it back up.

I get it running for a while, put MBM5 on, and MBM immediately starts screaming "The CPU has reached 76 C, which is greater than the maximum temperature you set of 70 C!"...

So, the computer's down, for now...

FWIW, the only fans in it were the PSU fan and the CPU fan (at least it's Intel stock, and not cheapest-HSF-the-sleazy-whiteboxer-could-get-their-hands-on grade...)

I guess this warrants a visit to Newegg for a couple 80mm fans, and possibly a better Socket 478 heatsink!


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